blip - A C++ Framework for Android

blip – A C++ Framework for Android


blip is a C++ framework for developing native C++ applications on Android, and is specifically tailored for creating games. It eliminates the pain of using the low-level Android Native C APIs by providing intuitive object-oriented wrappers around those APIs. Creating a native application is as simple as subclassing the NativeActivity base class and overriding the various callback methods like onCreate(), onResume(), onMotionEvent(), and so on, much like you would when writing an Android app in Java.

In addition to providing a complete object-oriented C++ wrapper around the low-level Android native C APIs, blip also provides TrueType font rendering; PNG image and PCM audio decoding; a more convenient interface to the JVM; a reference-counted, copy-on-write UTF-16 String class; data readers and writers; buffers and caches; smart pointers; a nice C++ interface to SQLite, and USB device control.


You can view a snapshot of the API documentation online.


TBD. blip is still under development. Check back soon.


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