MiscTools - Miscellaneous UNIX Utilities

misctools – Miscellaneous UNIX Utilities


The misctools package is a collection of small but useful utilities. Though they are small and trivial, I've found these programs to be indispensable. The utilities are:

basecvt A simple program for converting numeric values from one base to another.
bat A binary dump program; similar to the UNIX od command, but produces output in a much more useful format.
cpmod A program to copy file permissions.
dirstack A curses-based directory browser/selector.
dirtree A program that generates a hierarchical list of filenames for a given directory tree.
djinn A wrapper program that allows a Java program to run as a true UNIX daemon.
ftrunc A program that truncates files to specified lengths.
man2pdf A script that converts manpages into PDF files.
man2ps A script that converts manpages into PostScript files.
pascii A program that reads characters from the keyboard and displays their ASCII codes in various formats.
pfortune A program that prints out random fortunes.
pkgenv A simple shell environment manager for software packages.
psprint A script that formats and prints various types of files to a PostScript printer.
ps2pdf A script that converts PostScript files into PDF files.
ranline A program that reads a line at random from standard input or a file.
stat A program that prints out information about a file.
texi2pdf A script that converts Texinfo files into PDF files.
texi2ps A script that converts Texinfo files into PostScript files.
textlock A password-protection program like xlock for use on text terminals.
watcherd A program that watches the size of a file and invokes another program when the file size increases.
wrap A program that reformats text, wrapping words as necessary, to fit within a specified number of columns.


Documentation is included in the distribution in the form of manpages and PDF files.


Download misctools now! Source code and full documentation are included.


Note that misctools requires the cbase library.

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