GNU Talk Filters

GNU Talk Filters


The GNU Talk Filters are filter programs that convert ordinary English text into text that mimics a stereotyped or otherwise humorous dialect. These filters have been in the public domain for many years, but now for the first time they are provided as a single integrated package. The filters include austro, b1ff, brooklyn, chef, cockney, drawl, dubya, fudd, funetak, jethro, jive, kraut, pansy, pirate, postmodern, redneck, valspeak, and warez. Each program reads from standard input and writes to standard output. The package also provides the filters as a C library, so they can be easily used by other programs.


Documentation is included in the distribution in the form of a texinfo manual. A PDF manual is also available.


Download GNU Talk Filters now! Please note that the filters contain language that some may find objectionable. They are provided uncensored, in their original form. By downloading this software, you agree to accept these terms. Source code and full documentation are included.


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