Zardoz - A Gaming Environment for DOSBox



Zardoz is a cross-platform gaming environment built around DOSBox. It supports two modes of operation: a packager mode, and a launcher mode.

In the packager mode, Zardoz allows you to build an installable package for an MS-DOS-based game. A package includes the game's executable and data files; metadata about the game such as its title, publisher, release year, and other details; any related assets such as documentation, maps, artwork, and web links; and, of course, the DOSBox configuration settings for the game. Zardoz compiles all of this content into a single Zardoz archive (".doz") file, which you can then upload to a web server or share by some other means. (But please note: do not share games for which you do not own the copyright!)

In the launcher mode, Zardoz functions as an application launcher and asset viewer for MS-DOS games that have been packaged as described above. You can install a new game in Zardoz by pointing it at the ".doz" file, either on the web or in the local filesystem. Zardoz will download the archive file (if it's on the web), unpack it, and install the game into its launcher screen. You can then view the game's assets and launch the game with a few clicks of the mouse—no configuration required! Zardoz even comes bundled with DOSBox, so it's not necessary to install it separately.

Zardoz has many other features to make your DOSBox gaming experience more fun and convenient. It has a special viewer for game maps that allows you to pan, zoom, and make your own searchable map annotations. It has a richtext journal editor for keeping game notes, which is particularly useful for role-playing and adventure games. It includes a savegame manager that allows you to keep multiple savegames, even for games that only support a single savegame, and to import and export savegames so that you can share them with others. And it has a statistics dashboard which lets you track your playing time for each game you play.

But perhaps best of all, Zardoz is integrated with Google Drive, so you can sync your savegames, map annotations, and game journals with the cloud. This allows you to play a game on one computer, save your game, and then later start up the game on another computer and pick up exactly where you left off.

Zardoz is available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is a self-contained native Qt 5 application.


Here are some screenshots of Zardoz in action.


A user's manual will be available soon.


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GNU/Linux Mac OS X Win32

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